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Wife beats naked woman after husband brought her home following night of drinking

By Mason White 12:16 PM January 22, 2016
Charlotte Akomfrah (left) and Kay Sealy 

By: Feng Qian
A woman woke up to find another woman in her house.

Kay Sealy of Ireland, was arrested after she beat another woman who came out of her bathroom in her underwear.

Kay Sealy used the victim’s shoes to beat her. The victim, 27-year-old Charlotte Akomfrah, works with the suspect’s husband.

The Tallaght District Court in Dublin, heard how Akomfrah, who is a graphic designer, was out with her colleagues, including Kay Sealy’s husband Ciaran.

Akomfrah and Ciaran had been flirting, and when she was looking for a ride home, Ciaran asked her to come home with him.

Akomfrah told police that she asked Ciaran if he was married and he said that he was in an “open relationship.” At the home, Akomfrah went to the bathroom to remove her clothes and walked out in her underwear.

That is when she was suddenly attacked by Kay Sealy, 35, of Deerpark Place.

The attorney for Kay Sealy asked Judge John Coughlan to acquit his client, saying that she initially thought the woman was a thief who broke into her home.

“No evidence of intent had been established,” he said.
Akomfrah, who was allegedly drunk at the time, admitted that she had no clear memory of the incident.

Akomfrah was forced to flee the home without her clothes after suffering injuries to her head as a result of the beating by the suspect with her own shoe.

The judge refused to drop the case. The attorney told the court that “no wife in Ireland would have acted differently.”

The defendant was charged with assault after the victim received a cut to the head.

Judge Coughlan said it was a serious assault and found Sealy guilty. She received a fine of 75 euros ($81.)