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World’s most wanted man found working at Subway restaurant

By Mason White 12:18 PM January 22, 2016
Piotr Kupiec 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man who was wanted for murder, was arrested while working at a Subway restaurant in the United Kingdom.

Colleagues and clients were shocked to learn about the arrest of the “friendly” worker at their Subway restaurant.

28-year-old Piotr Kupiec fled from Poland, before getting a job making sandwiches in a quiet town in Wiltshire, England, which is close to a police station, and officers regularly visited the restaurant for lunch.

Kupiec was wanted for gang violence in Krakow, and for the murder of a football fan.

Kupiec was included in the list of most wanted criminals by Interpol in connection with the murder investigation. Police were searching for Kupiec, following clashes between fans of Wisla Krakow and Korona Kielce FC in 2007.

Police said that two Korona Kielce fans were stabbed, and one of the victims died of his wounds. Some of the gang members were arrested, but Kupiec managed to escape.

He was on the run for many years until he was finally tracked down. Kupiec was arrested behind the counter at Subway.