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Domino’s Pizza puts sex doll on counter to greet customers

By Mason White 5:52 AM January 25, 2016
Domino’s Pizza store location (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Customers of Domino’s Pizza in the United Kingdom, were surprised to be greeted by a sex doll that was placed on top of a counter.

The doll was placed in the Domino’s store located in Shoreham.

The doll was holding the menu of the store in its hands.

Many customers filed complaints with management, saying that the doll was not appropriate for a family friendly restaurant.

Now, Domino’s Pizza apologized, saying that the doll was part of a misguided marketing scheme.

A spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza Group said: “We apologize to Shoreham residents for any offense caused by our marketing team.

“The doll was removed and our team member has been reprimanded. While some residents were puzzled others said the doll was crude, disrespectful and unacceptable.”