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Principal forces girl onto her knees because he dress was too short

By Mason White 7:02 PM January 24, 2016
Amanda Durbin 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenage girl in Kentucky, is angry after being forced by her principal to get down on her knees in order to have her short skirt measured.

17-year-old Amanda Durbin of Brownsville, attends the Edmonson High School, where principal Tommy Hodges, told her to get on her knees in order to allow him to measure her short skirt.

Durbin said that she deliberately wore a short dress as a form of protest because several girls had been punished for
wearing clothes that were considered to be in violation of the dress code

She was sent to the principal’s office, and Hodges told her to kneel before measuring her skirt.

She told him that she did not feel comfortable doing that unless her parents were present, so they waited for two hours in the office for them to arrive.

When Hodges finally measured the skirt, it met the dress code, but he made her walk around the room with her hands up.

When the skirt was measured a second time, it violated the dress code, and she was sent home. Durbin said that the experience left her embarrassed and insecure.