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Father in coma after getting strangled on ski lift by his 5-year-old daughter’s harness

By Mason White 6:41 PM January 25, 2016
Chairlift (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A father of Austria, is in a coma after he was strangled by his daughter’s harness while skiing.

Officials said that the man was teaching his 5-year-old daughter how to ski.

When they were skiing at a ski resort in Weerberg, the girl was wearing a harness attached to her father so that he can help her slow down if she started skiing too fast.

The girl’s harness was looped around the father’s neck as the two took a chairlift to get to the slopes.

However, before reaching the top, the girl fell, and as her father tried to go down to help her, the harness became stuck in the chairlift and he was left hanging by the neck.

The father was unable to breathe, had a heart attack, and lost consciousness. He was dragged about 32 feet through the air before the emergency brake was activated and the chairlift stopped.

An employee of the ski resort who saw the accident on a surveillance camera, came to his aid and was able to resuscitate him before a helicopter arrived to take him to a hospital in Innsbruck.

Another employee, who was supposed to have been watching the chairlift, was elsewhere at the time.

The 5-year-old girl was not injured. Doctors said that man is in intensive care and in stable condition, but they have put him in a medically induced coma in an attempt to try to avoid any brain damage.

A spokesperson for the ski resort said that a full investigation into the accident is now taking place to try to determine what went wrong.