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Woman finds raw lungs in her KFC chicken sandwich after biting into it

By Mason White 4:59 AM January 26, 2016
Raw lungs in chicken sandwich 

By: Feng Qian
A woman in the United Kingdom, was horrified to find raw meat inside her chicken sandwich after taking a bite.

Cassandra Perkins of Turnell Mills, said that she bought the chicken sandwich at KFC last week.

After a taking a bite out of her sandwich, she realized that the meat does not look and feel right. She pulled the sandwich apart, and she noticed a piece of raw meat that looked like lungs.

It looked disgusting and pink, and she did not want to touch it.

She also found hair in the sandwich. Perkins took the sandwich back to the store, and she complained and the manager. She was offered a full refund, and was offered a different chicken sandwich.

Perkins however, vowed never to buy anything at the store.

KFC has apologized for the incident, saying that mistakes can happen.