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Woman who found makeup in boyfriend’s room learns that ‘he is not cheating but he is the other woman’

By Mason White 10:48 AM January 25, 2016
Leah Zurek with Jasmine 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman said that she was devastated to find makeup in her boyfriend’s bedroom because she assumed that he was cheating on her.

However, it turned out that he was “the other woman.”

20-year-old Leah Zurek of Victoria, Australia, said that she agreed to feed her boyfriend’s dog while he was away.

While cleaning his house, she found make up in Jared’s bedroom. She immediately assumed that he was cheating on her.

When she left the home, she met Jared’s best friend and she confided in him over what she found. Dale assured her that Jared was not cheating, but that he is a cross dresser.

When Jared, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall, came home, he was confronted by his girlfriend.

Jared was nervous about revealing his secret because he did not want to lose Zurek.

However, when he finally revealed that he is transgender, Zurek helped him with the transition. Jared soon became Jasmine, and the couple is very happy together.

“It was a huge relief hearing that he was transgender, it was way better than cheating,” Zurek said. “He wasn’t cheating, he was the other woman,” she added.