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Worker suffers burns on 99 percent of body after falling into giant pot of boiling mud

By Mason White 12:51 PM January 25, 2016
Hot pot (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A worker in China, who was hospitalized after suffering burns to 99 percent of his body, is staring down death following the company’s decision to stop paying for his treatments.

38-year-old Yuan Longhua of Yiliang, suffered burns on 99 percent of his body when he accidentally plunged into the giant pot of boiling mud while working at the Zhongquan Glaze Making Company.

The family members said that the company encouraged euthanasia in an attempt to avoid paying expensive medical bills.

Longhua fell into the pot after working for 13 hours straight. He was in intensive care for two months, and doctors barely managed to save his life.

He already underwent five skin grafts and had a leg amputated, costing the company $210,000.

The company recently approached the family to stop the worker’s treatments so they can begin to discuss compensation for his death.

The family however, has not agreed to euthanasia, and the company has stopped paying for medical treatments. The family was forced to borrow $5,000 to continue the life-saving treatments.