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70-year-old man marries his 13-year-old stepdaughter before having a baby with her

By Mason White 2:49 PM January 26, 2016
Newborn baby (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police launched an investigation after a 70-year-old man boasted that he adopted a girl and had sex with her until she give birth to a baby girl, police in Kenya said.

Kwale County police said that they are investigating Zuma Mwero Kadzema, after he revealed that his stepdaughter, 13, gave birth to a baby girl last week.

Kadzema said that he agreed to adopt the girl and pay for her education in exchange for marrying her. Kadzema defended his decision to have a baby with the girl, saying that she would have had a baby with someone else.

Kadzema, who has lived with the girl since she was 9 years old, started sleeping with her at the age of 11. Kadzema also blasted child rights activists, saying that the girl would have had sex with other men.

Police have arrested the 70-year-old man, but after denying all the allegations, he was released.

Child rights groups are demanding a DNA test to prove that Kadzema is the father of the one-week-old baby girl, and file a charge of rape against him.