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Dog that cannot stand trash picks up bottles and places them in recycling bin

By Mason White 4:56 PM January 26, 2016
Paris with a bottle 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman said that her dog is environmentally conscious and it loves to keep her city clean.

51-year-old Fran Hodges of Bodmin, England, said that her dog loves to collect trash that needs to be recycled.

The dog named Paris, is a 9-year-old boxer dog. The dog grabs bottles or cans, and walks with them in its mouth until they reach her home, Hodges said.

The dog then places the recyclable items in the recycling bin. It seems like the dog is trying to save the world one bottle at a time.

Hodge said that her dog was aware of the environment from an early age, but in the past year, it really stepped up its game.

“It has done this since it was a puppy, but this past year, it has been almost every time we go for a walk,” Hodge said.

Hodges said that on rainy days, there’s not much discarded trash, but on sunny days, the dog always finds recyclable items on the ground.