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Woman caught taking video of naked people in public shower to improve sex life with husband

By Mason White 4:51 PM January 26, 2016
The suspect at police station where her phone was smashed 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was confronted by an angry crowd after she was caught with videos of people taking showers.

The woman of Anhui, China, was found taking the videos at a public swimming pool on Wednesday.

One victim who was identified as Mrs. Li, told police that the suspect took a shower, but instead of leaving, she spent a long time on her smartphone.

Li asked the woman what she was doing with her cellphone, and the suspect was forced to hand over her phone and Li saw the videos that she secretly recorded.

Mrs. Li told people what she saw and they became enraged. The woman tried to explain and justify her actions by saying that she was just trying to please her husband and improve their sex life.

Lin and other customers of the swimming pool were not convinced by her explanation. Some suspected that she was recording the videos in order to sell them to adult video websites for profit.

The woman was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was forced delete the offensive videos and apologize to those whom she recorded.

According to police, the woman had five video clips of people in the shower.

However, the victims demanded to smash the woman’s phone. They feared that she may have some videos of them stored in her phone.

The police agreed. Photos were released, showing a police officer smashing her iPhone with a hammer.

Police allegedly found that the woman shared the photos with her husband. His phone was also confiscated and smashed.