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Kindhearted worker killed by 15-year-old migrant at refugee shelter

By Mason White 6:19 PM January 26, 2016
Alexandra Mezher 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman of Sweden, was stabbed to death by a teenager at a refugee shelter for unaccompanied children.

22-year-old Alexandra Mezher, who was killed at her job, was always concerned about the welfare of others, according to her brokenhearted family.

A 15-year-old asylum seeker, who lived at the refugee center, has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the attack on Monday in Molndal.

Mezher was rushed to the Sahlgrenska Hospital, but later died of her injuries. Police said that after the attack, other employees in the center held the boy until police arrived.

Official said that they recovered a knife at the scene, where there was evidence of a violent fight.

Police said that on the fateful day, Mezher had been working alone at the shelter, despite the fact that rules called for the staff members to work in pairs.

The shelter is home to 10 teenagers who are in the country without a parent or family member. The teens are aged between 15 and 19.

Mezher was working a nightshift by herself and she was attacked just half-an-hour before the daytime staff were due to arrive.

The victim’s mother, Chimene Mezher, 42, said that she blames politicians for her daughter’s death because they continue to allow migrants to enter the country even after police warned that they cannot cope with the tide of migrant related crimes.