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Married teacher has sex with special needs student referring to their relationship as mom and son

By Mason White 3:54 PM January 27, 2016
Jillian Lafave 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A married teacher who was accused of having a sexual relationship with special needs student, referred to their relationship as mom and son in more than 13,000 text messages, police in Nevada said.

Las Vegas police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Jillian Lafave, after a school employee caught her engaging in sexual conduct with the 16-year-old student in a classroom.

Lafave was charged with one count of performing a sex act with a pupil.

According to the police investigation, the student was seen spending time with the teacher almost everyday after school hours.

Police said that he was upset when he learned that Lafave was under investigation. He told police that he loved her. The student called Lafave mom and she called him son.

At some point, Lafave told the teen to be more careful because she did not want to get in trouble. When police questioned Lafave, she admitted to kissing the student several times and touching his private parts.