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New rule allows police dispatchers to use the toilet for just 19 minutes during 12-hour shift

By Mason White 7:04 PM January 27, 2016
Toilet (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Police dispatchers in Ireland, are angry after their employer announced new toilet break rules, leaving them feeling like children.

Ian McArdle of the Communications Workers Union, said that the new policies are so strict that workers have to report to management before and after their visits to the bathroom.

Workers claim that they are only allowed seven minutes to go to the bathroom and must request permission from a manager if they need more time.

Only one operator is allowed to take a toilet break at any time through its three call centers in Ballyshannon, Navan and Clontarf.

Each worker is also prohibited from using the bathroom the first and last 30 minutes of their shift.

McArdle said the policies are particularly difficult for pregnant workers who need to use the bathroom regularly. Workers have been threatened with severe disciplinary measures if they exceed their allotted time in the bathroom.

Time allotted for the toilet is just 19 minutes for a 12-hour shift. Conduit Global, the company running the 999 call centers, denied the allegations.