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20-foot-long worm grows inside man who loves to eat raw meat

By Mason White 4:40 AM January 29, 2016
Raw meat (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A man suffered from extreme stomach pains for more than two years after a worm grew inside his stomach due to his love of raw meat, doctors in China said.

The 38-year-old man of Shiyan, had been vomiting and losing weight at an alarming speed before going to the doctor.

He told them he had endured chronic anemia and abdominal pain for over two years. The initial examination did not uncover what was wrong with the man, who was not identified.

Doctors then observed a worm egg in his fecal matter, prompting them to ask about his diet.

When the man told him about his love of raw meat, doctors realized that he probably has a worm growing inside his stomach.

They proceeded to give him drugs until he finally excreted the worm, which measures 20 feet long.

The worm was tested and it was discovered that the patient had been infected with a beef tapeworm parasite, which was caused by his love of raw meat.

The tapeworm was connected to the small intestine. The man has made a full recovery, and he stopped eating raw meat. In a follow-up, the patient reported that he has gained weight and his appetite for food returned.