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Bar refuses entry to group of black students because they only like rap music

By Mason White 4:23 AM January 1, 2016
The Blues Kitchen 

By: Chan Yuan
A doorman of a bar in the United Kingdom, was fired after refusing entry to a group of black students because they only like to listen to rap music.

The doorman of The Blues Kitchen in London, told the group of black students that they cannot enter the bar because they only like rap music and won’t appreciate blues.

The students then asked for a manager, and he supported the doorman’s decision to refuse them entry, saying that they are underage.

The Blues Kitchen launched an investigation into the incident after the students complained on Twitter. They have since fired the doorman.

A spokesperson for the bar and restaurant said that the company is very sorry for the way the students were treated and described it as an isolated incident.

The company promised to implement changes so that something like this never happens again.