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Couple arrested for assault after spanking their 14-year-old daughter with jump rope for sending nude photo to boy

By Mason White 4:53 PM January 31, 2016
Girl sending text message (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple was arrested on a charge of assault after spanking their teenage daughter because she sent a nude photo of herself to a boy, police in Canada said.

Now, the couple of Salmon Arm, has been found guilty of assault after the parents admitted to spanking their 14-year-old daughter to teach her not to send nude photos of herself to boys.

The couple, who was not identified, told the court that they wanted to punish their daughter for sending nude photos to a boy via the Internet.

The father uses a mini hockey stick to spank his daughter while her mother used a jump rope to hit her on the backside. The following day, the girl went to school with lacerations and bruises.

Her friends noticed the injuries and told a principal. Police were called and the couple was arrested. The couple testified in court that they did not know corporal punishment is illegal.

The judge said that any reasonable parent would be concerned about their child sending nude photos, but suggested that the answer is education and not beatings.

The parents are married and have a total of four children together.