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Married attorney caught having sex with inmate in prison

By Mason White 4:43 PM January 31, 2016
Jessica Mishali 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A married defense attorney was banned from several prisons after being caught by a guard having sex with an inmate, officials in Florida said.

35-year-old Jessica Mishali of Broward, was caught having sex with 26-year-old Ysreal Granda, who was charged with four counts of attempted murder.

On Wednesday, when the guard came into the interview room, he saw Mishali quickly jumping back to her seat and adjusting her skirt.

Mishali will not face criminal charges, but is now being investigated by the Florida Bar. Mishali denied the allegations, saying that the story was made up.

She also claims that there is a hidden agenda behind the story.

A note with Mishali’s photo has been posted in all prisons, saying that the attorney is prohibited from entering the premises for any reason, whether personal or professional, until further notice.