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Motorcycle driver saves suicidal woman who was in middle of road with cord around neck

By Mason White 3:24 AM January 1, 2016
The woman on the road 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A motorcyclist in the United Kingdom, was recently credited for saving a woman’s life.

The shocking video of an incident showed the man saving the life of the woman who was attempting suicide by lying in the middle of a road.

The woman caused a traffic jam as many drivers just sat and waited for her to move out of the way. However, the man identified as Pawel O on his YouTube channel, came to her aid.

Pawel recorded the incident in Greenford, London, on his helmet camera. He claims that he was waiting 10 minutes behind the line of cars before discovering the woman and came to her aid.

Pawel asked the woman if everything was alright, but when she did not respond, he sat her up and found that she was trying to commit suicide by placing a cord around her neck.

Pawel removed the cord with the help good Samaritans. When asked what her name was, the woman replied: “please let me die.”

The men cared for the woman until emergency workers arrived.