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Evil woman cons elderly man into signing his home over to her before having him legally evicted

By Mason White 5:49 PM February 1, 2016
Robert and Catharine Pierce 

By: Wayne Morin
Prosecutors worked hard to get justice for an elderly man who was scammed out of his home.

Police said that 58-year-old Catharine Pierce of Boulder, Colorado, scammed a 73-year-old man by getting him to sign his house over to her.

Pierce and her husband Robert, moved into the man’s home and lived rent free for about seven months.

At one point, the victim told Pierce that he would sign his home over to her if she promised to care for his beloved cat after his death.

Pierce asked the elderly man, who is somewhat blind, to sign a contract, which she told him was an agreement for her to care for his cat after his death.

However, she actually had him sign over his trailer for which she paid $1.00, according to police. After signing the document, Pierce went to court and evicted the elderly man.

The man was unable to attend the court hearing because he was having a cataract surgery. A judgment was entered against him and the man was ordered to move out of his own home.

Boulder County Deputy District Attorney Jane Walsh who prosecuted the case, worked with law enforcement, court officials and protective services to block the eviction.

They were successful in stopping the eviction process about a week before he was going to be forcefully removed.

Officials also brought charges against Pierce. On Wednesday, she was found guilty of felony theft and criminal exploitation of an at-risk elder. She faces 12 years in prison.
Robert Pierce was not charged in this case, but he has an unrelated assault case open against him in Boulder County Court.

Catharine Pierce made headlines a few years ago, when she insisted on gardening without her top on. She was dubbed the “topless gardner.”