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Man beats wife who refused to commit suicide because he did not want her to be a widow after he kills himself

By Mason White 7:00 PM February 1, 2016
Mr. Fang with a police officer at his home 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to commit suicide after he lost his job and he was unable to support his family.

However, he did not want his wife to be a widow so he wanted her to commit suicide with him, but she refused.

Police in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, were called to the couple’s apartment by their downstairs neighbor, who heard screaming from the home.

Police found Mr. Fang, 35, drunk. His wife was removed from the home after she was severely beaten by him. Mr. Fang allegedly admitted to beating his wife after she argued with him and would not agree to his murder-suicide plans.

Police found that the apartment was filled with gas as he wanted to blow up the house while he and his wife were inside.

Mr. Fang explained that he had lost his job and wanted to commit suicide with his wife. However, his wife was not ready to die. The couple began to argue when the woman attempted to escape.

Mr. Fang said that he was ending his own misery and helping his wife so she will not remain a widow. Mr. Fang was arrested and charged with attempted murder of his wife.