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Woman bumps into people before urinating in front of police officers

By Mason White 3:42 PM February 1, 2016
Crowded street (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after allegedly bumping into people on the street and urinating in front of police officers, police in the United Kingdom said.

Cumbria police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Victoria Nelson, after being accused of being drunk in public.

Nelson was charged with failing to surrender to police, and being drunk and disorderly. She was brought before the South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court, where she pleaded guilty to the two charges.

She was ordered to pay 265 pounds ($378) in fines and court costs.

According to the police investigation, around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, Nelson was denied entry into the Ruskins Bar for being too drunk.

The woman proceeded to stumble around the city center, bumping into various groups of people before they called the police.

The officers attempted to subdue Nelson, but she resisted. She then bent over and urinated on Finkle Street.