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Woman demands money from family for using a photo of her photobombing horse without permission to win prize

By Mason White 4:23 AM February 2, 2016
David and Jacob Bellis and Nicola Mitchell (insert) 

By: Feng Qian
A father of the United Kingdom, was walking with his son when they spotted a nice-looking horse.

The father, 31-year-old David Bellis of Wales, stopped to take a selfie with his son Jacob as the animal was in the background.

Bellis was walking on a public path when he took the photo. He then realized that while taking the photo, the horse photobombed them as it smiled and poked its tongue out for the camera.

Bellis decided to enter the photo into the Thomson Holiday’s Made Me Smile competition, and he won a vacation worth £2,000 ($2886.00).

When the owner of the horse heard about the winnings, she demanded to get a cut of the money.

Horse owner Nicola Mitchell, said that Bellis did not ask permission to take selfies with her horse and therefore, she feels entitled to some of his money.