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Woman who lost her wedding ring finds it inside her 1-year-old boy’s stomach

By Mason White 3:19 AM February 2, 2016
Wedding ring (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A married woman who lost her wedding ring, searched her entire house for it, but she couldn’t find it.

When her husband came home and she told him about the lost ring, he feared that their 1-year-old son might be responsible for its disappearance.

They took their son to the hospital, where doctors took an X-ray of his chest and abdomen area. That is when the parents saw the wedding ring in their son’s large intestine.

The father of the baby, who shared the photo of the X-ray on Reddit, said that he suspected his son because he had a habit of putting the ring into his mouth.

In one incident, the father had to pull the ring out of his son’s mouth as he grabbed it after his mother placed it on the bathroom counter.

Doctors sent the child home, saying that he will pass the ring within a few days. The father said that his wife will wear the ring once she gets it back.