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Employee gets promoted after placing bags of feces in colleagues’ food

By Mason White 4:10 PM February 2, 2016
Food (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An employee who played cruel pranks on colleagues, received a promotion instead of being fired, according to court documents in Colorado.

An employee of the Water Users Association in Uncompahgre Valley, filed a complaint with the court after being fired by his employer because he complained about the pranks played by his colleague Aaron English.

The general manager of the company, Steve Fletcher, ignored the bad behavior of English, and promoted him, while Bill Bailey was fired for complaining about the pranks.

Bailey testified that he suffered a back injury at work. When Bailey complained, he was ridiculed and told to take a few days off.

English admitted that he played pranks on his colleagues at work, including shooting with a potato gun and detonating bombs.

Some of the bombs were set to explode when his co-workers got into a work truck and the ignition switch was turned. Bailey said that in one case, a bomb exploded with enough force that it damaged his right ear.

English admitted to other pranks. He filled milk jugs with flammable liquids, and when colleagues were cleaning up with blow torches, they exploded.

He also placed bags of his own feces into the lunches of his coworkers. He also tried to defecate on colleagues as they worked in the trenches.

Bailey complained to Fletcher about English, and declined having any more contact with English, but Fletcher told Bailey that he must be in contact with English or find another job.

Fletcher then fired Bailey.