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Lingerie store puts up display showing scantily clad women doing laundry

By Mason White 4:51 AM February 3, 2016
Scantily clad women doing laundry 

By: Chan Yuan
A lingerie shop in the United Kingdom, came under fire for putting up a display that showed scantily clad women doing laundry.

The Boux Avenue lingerie shop located in Brighton, received complaints after displaying the scantily clad women hanging out in their window on Churchill Square.

The store that was accused of degrading women, said it had thought the display of women doing laundry was fun and engaging.

The company apologized and said that the display will be removed this week. 23-year-old Sarah Derby said that the display sent a message that women are only attractive if they know how to do laundry.

Derby questioned why the company had chosen not to show attractive women in the House of Commons, laboratories or sports arenas.

She said that the display undermines the academic, scientific and admirable achievements of women.

A spokesperson for Boux Avenue said: “We were very concerned to hear of the complaint regarding one of our shop windows in Brighton.

“At Boux Avenue, we pride ourselves on being a customer-focused and we try to create fun and engaging windows that we are confident our customers will enjoy.

“The laundry window did not intend to offend, but we can see how the concept could be interpreted badly.”