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Police officer jailed for taking selfie with passport of a football player at airport

By Mason White 11:43 AM February 2, 2016
Passports (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A police officer was arrested after he posted a selfie to social media, showing himself holding the passport of a football player.

The police officer of India, was sentenced to serve time behind bars for taking the selfie with the passport of Lionel Messi from Argentina, during a visit to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The 26-year-old officer, who was identified only as JM, found the passport and posed for a photo with it before posting it to snapchat.

JM said that he was hoping to take a selfie next to Messi while he was in Dubai for an awards ceremony. However, the officer was told that Messi was tired for a photo after the long flight.

The officer proceeded to go to passport control, where he found the passport of Messi and took a selfie with it.

He also recorded a video of himself holding the passport. In the video, he was heard saying: “This is Messi’s passport. He is here in Dubai, what do I do? Shall I burn the passport or just put it back?”

People informed the police about the incident after JM posted the video to the Internet. JM was charged with violating the privacy of Messi.

On Monday, he was sentenced to one month in prison.