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Police officer’s groceries gets stolen while running after shoplifter

By Mason White 5:29 PM February 2, 2016
Groceries (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer’s good deed turned into a nightmare as his groceries were stolen.

The off-duty police officer of the United Kingdom, tried to catch a shoplifter while his shopping bags were full of stuff he had already paid for.

However, his bags were stolen.

PC Graham Thomas was leaving Asda in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, when he witnessed a security guard confronting a man who walked out without paying for his items.

When the man ran away, the officer joined the security guard in chasing the suspect, but they did not manage to catch him.

When Thomas returned to Asda to pick up his groceries, he realized that they were stolen. “It was annoying, but people will find it amusing and ironic that this has happened to a police constable,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that he bought some vegetables, food for a pet hamster and a case of beer. Before joining the chase, he handed the bags to an employee at the customer service counter.

When the officer returned, he was told that his bags were placed in the chiller cabinet. He went to retrieve the items, but his bags of groceries were missing.

He did however, find the beer. Thomas was reimbursed for the missing items, which cost £18 ($25.91)

After reviewing surveillance video, it was discovered that a woman took the officer’s groceries and left the store without paying for them.

“We take incidents like this very seriously and we would like to thank Essex Police for their assistance with this matter,” an Asda spokesperson said.

So far, the thieves have not been caught.