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Smuggler wraps alcohol bottles around his behind in an attempt to bypass customs in airport

By Mason White 4:22 PM February 2, 2016
Alcohol bottles strapped to smuggler’s body 

By: Feng Qian
A smuggler was arrested at an airport in Saudi Arabia, after being caught with numerous bottles of alcohol strapped to his body, customs officials said.

Despite the fact that alcohol is illegal and the penalties are very harsh, smugglers manage to come up with elaborate ways to get the contraband into the country.

Anyone who is found in possession of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, faces jail time and flogging.

Over the past year, customs officials have been uploading photos of the unsuccessful attempts to smuggle alcohol into the country on social media site including Twitter.

Twitter is extremely popular in the country, and officials hope that the photos will serve is a deterrent to other people who are thinking about smuggling contraband into the country.

A recent photo showed a smuggler who strapped more than 10 bottle of alcohol to his body, including his behind, using duct tape.

He was caught after officers noticed that he had a difficult walking.