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Outrage as German mayor tells girls not provoke migrants who sexually harass them

By Mason White 11:48 AM February 4, 2016
The town hall meeting 

By: Chan Yuan
The mayor of a city in Germany, has outraged his constituency by saying that girls should not go close to migrants to provoke them.

The incident occurred during a town hall meeting in Bad Schlema, when a concerned grandfather asked the mayor what he is doing to protect the children from migrants who sexually harass them.

The man said that girls are sexually harassed when they pass shelters while going to schools.

In a video that was recorded during the meeting, Mayor Jens Muller is heard saying: “That’s easy, just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

People became outraged by the response. One person was heard calling for Muller to step down.

“We’re not allowed to walk in our own city anymore? Boy oh boy, you’ve got some nerve,” the man behind the camera said.

The mayor made things worse when he tried to calm people down by saying: “It is technically not necessary for girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to schools.”

When that tactic did not work, the mayor reminded residents that their is also sexual harassment coming from German citizens.

“Do you think this doesn’t exist among Germans?” He asked. People were once again outraged and told the mayor that Germans who sexually abuse or harass girls go to prison, but migrants do not.