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Man tries to buy pet fish from 12-year-old boy in exchange for marijuana

By Mason White 11:35 AM February 5, 2016
Fish (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man wanted to buy fish from a boy and pay with marijuana.

Police in Canada, were called after he beat the 12-year-old boy over the sale of a fish.

29-year-old James DeWolf of Ontario, has been charged with assault after allegedly trying to give the boy drugs in exchange for the pet fish.

DeWolf allegedly struck the boy in the head after trying to pass off a bag of oregano as marijuana. The 12-year-old boy recognized the content as spice and refused to take it.

Police said that the boy went to DeWolfe’s house on Saturday, and he was supposed to deliver the fish and pick up money for a fish tank that he sold to DeWolfe.

DeWolfe tried to pay the boy with a bag of what he claimed to be weed, but was actually dried spice. When the boy refused to take the bag, DeWolfe beat him over the head.

“The boy did not require medical treatment,” Chatham-Kent police said. DeWolfe was arrested and charged with assault.