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Prostitute surgically removed from elderly client who died during sex

By Mason White 11:51 AM February 5, 2016
Paramedics transporting the victims 

By: Chan Yuan
A prostitute was rushed to a hospital as she lied on top of her dead client.

A video has emerged, apparently showing paramedics transporting the pair to the hospital on a stretcher.

The incident reportedly took place in China. The video first emerged on the Chinese video sharing website Miaopai, before it was shared by users on LiveLeak.

The woman was still attached to her elderly client who died while having sex. Paramedics hid the woman under the blanket that covered the elderly dead man.

According to witnesses, the man’s private parts was still attached to the woman after he died during sex. They pair was taken to the hospital, where doctors surgically separated them before his body was taken to the morgue.