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Cable TV company charges man cancellation fee after ending his service because he lost home to fire

By Mason White 5:10 PM February 7, 2016

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man in Tennessee, was shocked to receive a cable TV bill after losing his home to a fire and canceling his service.

Vince Romanelli of Nashville, works as a musician.

He performs around the world, including on several cruise ships. Two weeks ago, as he was preparing for a show, he received a call, notifying him that his home was on fire.

Romanelli lost everything to the fire, including $80,000 in musical equipment. He was left with the clothes on his back.

Romanelli called Comcast to cancel his cable TV service as he no longer had a home. The company told him that his service will be canceled.

However, he was shocked to receive a bill, including a charge for early termination. After publicizing the story, Comcast apologized and canceled the bill.

“We apologized to Mr. Romanelli for the billing issue and were able to resolve this to his satisfaction. Our customers deserve an excellent experience, so we take this situation very seriously,” Comcast said.