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Father chokes to death after stuffing an entire McDonald’s burger into his mouth

By Mason White 11:12 AM February 7, 2016
Darren Bray 

By: Feng Qian
A father of the United Kingdom, lost his life after choking on a McDonald’s burger.

29-year-old Darren Bray, who was a father of three children, died while trying to eat a McDonald’s burger in one bite, according to court documents.

Bray of Wales, lost consciousness after he stuffed the 1 pound (about $1.50) burger into his mouth during a night out with friends.

Bray was at a friend’s house, where he and others have been drinking. After ordering burgers, Bray told his friends that he could eat the entire McDonald’s burger in one bite.

The court heard that Bray told his friends: “Look at this,” as he bent the burger in half and shoved it in his mouth. Bray then turned blue.

His friends tried to clear his airways, but were unable to save him. Paramedics were called, and Bray was pronounced dead at the scene.