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Naked man lies down on restaurant table and begs waitress to kill him

By Mason White 4:36 AM February 8, 2016
Naked man sitting on counter of restaurant 

By: Wayne Morin
A distraught man was taken to a hospital after he came into a restaurant and begged a waitress to kill him, police in Russia said.

Saratov police said that the man, who was not identified, came into the restaurant naked and visibly distraught and followed the waitress into a back room, where he asked her to shot him in the head.

The entire incident was recorded on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras. The video shows the naked man walking into the restaurant and lying down on a table.

The man then started yelling at the waitress and asked her to shoot him in the head.

After a few moments, the man got up and went to the counter, stood up on it and followed the woman into a back room while shouting “please kill me.”

The man then went back to the counter and pushed several items to the floor. Eventually, the police arrived and push the man to the ground, where he was sedated by medical personnel.

The man was taken to the psychiatric unit of a hospital for treatment. No charges have been filed.