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Starving sea lion found sitting at a table of upscale restaurant

By Mason White 11:17 AM February 7, 2016
The sea lion at the restaurant 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Rescue workers were called after restaurant workers found a sea lion sitting at a table.

The staff of the restaurant in California, met an unusual client on Thursday morning, a sea lion pup sitting in a booth.

Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room in San Diego, shared a number of photos on Facebook, showing the sea lion sitting at the table and looking out the window.

“We found this little guy in the Marine Room restaurant this morning. He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation,” Guillas wrote on Facebook.

Sea World came to rescue the sea lion that was found to be underweight for its age. The sea lion was at the restaurant overnight.

David Koontz, a spokesman for the tourist center, said that
the sea lion is eight months old and weighs only 20 pounds, less than half the normal size for its age.

Sea World staff are “cautiously optimistic” that they can nurse it back to health and return the animal to the wild.