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Father claims he was raped by his daughter when they met for the first time after 20 years

By Mason White 5:08 PM February 8, 2016
Couple (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man told police that he was raped by his daughter after she tracked him down.

The father and daughter of Australia, have not seen each other in 20 years.

The woman of Melbourne, invited her 38-year-old father to visit her family despite learning that he had a history of violence.

While he arrived at her house, the father and daughter had sex.

The daughter told her husband that her father raped her, and he was arrested. The woman told police that her father hugged and kissed her on the neck, and groped her.

“I pushed him away and said to him in anger: ‘If you’re going to be like that you may as well take me to your bedroom,’” she said.

Her father told her: “I love you forever,” before raping her.

In court, the woman admitted that she did not say anything or do anything to protest the rape. “I felt that I had to cooperate and not say anything. I was worried I might get hurt. I thought that if I tried to stop him, he would get angry,” she said.

The woman said that she knew her father has been in jail for assaulting people.

However, the father said that his daughter was the one who raped him. “She made me have sex with her. I tried to say ‘no,’ but I did not want to lose her,” the father said.

The father later pleaded guilty to one count of incest and was sentenced to three years in prison.