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Man who bought fried chicken at KFC finds breaded lung in his food

By Mason White 3:58 AM February 9, 2016
Piece of breaded lung in KFC chicken box 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man in Australia, who bought his favorite food at KFC, felt the urge to vomit after biting into a breaded lung that was placed among his pieces of chicken.

30-year-old Marc Nicholls of Queensland, said that he ordered a three piece box with two wings and a chicken breast for $12.50.

He bit into a piece of fried chicken, but it tasted weird. He looked at it, and he spit out what he had in his mouth. He went back to the KFC and told employees that he found a piece of lung in his meal.

A KFC manager did not offer him a refund, and was told to file a complaint with the company. A spokesperson for KFC, said that Nicholls probably found a breaded lung or a kidney.

The spokesperson also said that lungs and kidneys are usually thrown away in the trash, but sometimes a piece can slip through.

Nicholls vowed never to return to KFC, and will not touch their food.