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Modest Barbies with headscarves

By Mason White 6:50 PM February 8, 2016
The Barbie 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll Down for video) While most children know Barbie as a barely dressed doll, one woman is determined to change that.

Last month, Mattel gave Barbie a dramatic transformation with a variety of skin tones and body types, including more curves to her popular slender figure.

Now, a medical student of Nigeria, went on Instagram to show off her new Barbie creations. 24-year-old Haneefah Adam posted photos, showing Barbie dolls in fashionable but modest clothes and hijabs.

Adam said that when she was studying for her master’s degree in the United Kingdom, she was became inspired to create her own Barbie fashion pieces.

Adam bought fabrics and sewed the clothes by herself. She then posted the photos of her creations to her Instagram account called hijarbie, where they went viral.

Adam is now working to launch a clothing line so young girls can play with a more modest version of Barbie.