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Plane forced to land after man urinated on another passenger and caused major brawl

By Mason White 4:47 PM February 9, 2016
The suspect 

By: Chan Yuan
Plane passengers were inconvenienced after an angry man decided to urinate on another passenger, sparking a massive fight.

The incident occurred on board of an Air Mediterranee flight from Algiers, Algeria, to Paris, France.

The aircraft was diverted and landed in Lyon. Passengers described the scene as chaos as the man, who was not wearing a shirt, urinated on another man.

He was overpowered by the crew. After landing, police boarded the plane and removed the unruly passenger.

Witnesses said that halfway through the 90-minute journey on flight number ML2673, one of its 166 passengers became angry after he was told that he was not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol on board.

He then urinated on a fellow traveler, which caused a fight. For safety reasons, the pilot decided to land the aircraft at Lyon’s international airport, where the man was escorted off the plane by police.

A second man who was involved in the fight, was also removed from the plane.

The plane finally took off again and the passengers arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport three hours late.