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Prankster arrested for getting into woman’s car and pretending she was an Uber driver

By Mason White 1:48 PM February 9, 2016
Woman driving car (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Many young people believe that they can prank others and post videos to YouTube to make some money.

However, for one college student of Florida, his prank cost him his freedom.

On Reddit, a man wrote about his cousin’s experience, as a warning to other pranksters to be careful and not cross the line.

The man wrote that he and his cousin both attend the same college. They and other friends sometimes play jokes and prank others on campus.

They then posted the videos to YouTube. “It is always small, and harmless things,” he wrote.

The man went on to explain that his cousin had the idea that they should go downtown and hop in the back seats of cars that were found to be unlocked and ask the driver to take him places, while pretending that he thought they were Uber drivers. However, the prank went very wrong.

The prankster when into the car belonging to a young woman and ordered her to drive. The prankster then told her to speed up because he was late. The woman, who was afraid of the stranger in her car, did as she was told.

However, while speeding, she hit a mailbox. She then spotted a police officer, and she began screaming that someone jumped into her car and tried to kidnap her.

“My cousin got arrested at gunpoint,” he said. The man’s friends tried to explain to the officer that it was a prank, but he did not care.

The man was arrested for attempted kidnapping and is being held without bail.

The college students later learned that the woman is also a student at their college. She had previously filed a police report after someone had been stalking her.

On Reddit, Citicop wrote: “It’s just a prank is not a legal defense.”

Johnspiff said: “If they recorded the prank like others, I am sure they can submit that as proof that it was all just harmless fun.”

Coldgears replied: “Had he actually confused the car with an Uber driver, then yes. However, his intent was to prank someone, and he intentionally entered someone else’s car. They could easily charge him with so many crimes, including trespassing, breaking and entering, and reckless endangerment.”