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This Adorable Cat Tried To Ride On A Motorized Scooter

By Mason White 6:50 AM February 9, 2016
Adorable cat on motorized scooter 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was walking to work on Tuesday, and spotted an adorable cat sitting on top of a motorized scooter.

Apparently, the cat tried to imitate its owner and drive the scooter, but it failed.

The woman, who was not identified, quickly pulled out her cellphone and took a great photo of the cute cat.

She shared the photo on her social media web page.

In the photo, the cat can be seen sitting in the opposite direction of the steering wheel.

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After a few minutes of watching the cat, a group of kids came by and tried to shoo it away, but it refused to move.

Later that day, the woman looked for the cat, but it was not there.

The cat photo went viral on the Internet, racking up 5 million views in less than a week.