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Poisonous snake found sleeping in children’s cot at day care center

By Mason White 11:35 AM February 10, 2016
Snake sleeping on children’s cot 

By: Chan Yuan
Employees at a day care center freaked out after finding a poisonous snake sleeping in a children’s cot, a snake catcher in Australia said.

Barry Goldsmith, who is a snake catcher in Victoria, said that one of the day care workers was taking the sheets off the cot when the snake fell in front of her.

The snake was very poisonous, but not as toxic as a brown or tiger snake. The snake could have slipped through an open door or a crack.

It is possible that a child had been eating a sandwich while sitting on the cot, which could have attracted the snake.

While a snake in a cot sounds alarming, Goldsmith said that he had been to a number of schools and day care centers to remove snakes as children leave crumbs of food behind, which attracts mice, and the mice attracts snakes.

When the day care workers found the snake, they immediately left the room and closed the door. Goldsmith arrived at the scene, and removed the snake.

“Had a red bellied black snake trying get some sleep in a cot at a child care center. Staff were making the beds when they came across the snake.

“They handled the situation well, stepped back, shut the doors and laid towels along the crack at the door and called me. The snake was very relaxed and inoffensive, and still lying on the bed where it was found when I arrived.

“30 minutes later the snake was in the bag and no one was hurt. Fortunately, the staff had enough common sense to know what to do. If they had tried to catch or kill the snake themselves, it could have been bad,” Goldsmith wrote on Facebook.