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Man kicks his dog in lobby of police headquarters

By Mason White 2:53 PM February 11, 2016
Christian Andrew Najera 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after allegedly being seen kicking his dog inside the lobby of the police department headquarters, police in California said.

The Pasadena Police Department said that they have arrested 48-year-old Christian Andrew Najera, after a police clerk saw him kicking his dog and swinging it wildly by the leash.

He was charged with one count of animal cruelty. The 3-year-old dog named Daisy, was handed over to the Pasadena Humane Society.

It did not suffer serious injuries in the attack. According to the police investigation, Najera was seen by the police clerk yelling at the dog as he exited the lobby.

The dog was on a leash when Najera kicked it several times, and then violently swung it by the leach in the air in a circular motion.

The clerk notified officers about the attack, and she followed Najera until he was arrested.