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Possum found living in toilet paper dispenser at park

By Mason White 11:26 AM February 11, 2016
The Possum 

By: Feng Qian
A cleaner at a park was shocked to discover an animal living inside the toilet paper dispenser.

The possum was found living in the toilet paper dispenser by the staff at the Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia.

The possum had squeezed in between two rolls of toilet paper, one of which has been torn up.

Parks Victoria shared a photo of the possum on Facebook, and wrote: “Rangers often see strange things, but Cameron at Yarra Bend Park admits that he was not expecting this following message from the park’s cleaners.

“Hi Cameron. There is a possum living inside the paper dispenser of the toilet at the Loop picnic area. Thank you.

“Needless to say, the possum was evicted and has been set up in a new, more spacious accommodation.”

The possum was placed in a tree house that was built in the park.