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Woman dying of cancer ‘marries herself’ before it’s too late to walk down aisle

By Mason White 5:33 PM February 11, 2016
Natalie Adams(center) 

By: Wayne Morin
While a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, one woman’s party was bittersweet as she married herself.

Natalie Adams, 36, of New Zealand, who is a mother of a young boy, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Adams was given one year to live so she made a bucket list. One of the things she wanted to do was walk down the aisle.

With her toddler son at her side, Adams got married despite the fact that she does not have a man in her life.

Her sister Angela and best friend Rebecca, helped her plan the wedding. Adams donned a wedding dress and had close family and friends celebrate her wedding, which she called the celebration of her life.

Adams now hopes to live long enough to be around for her son Riley’s second birthday.

She also managed to do some other things from her bucket list, including riding in a helicopter and sitting in a NASCAR. She wants to swim with dolphins one day, but for now, due to her cancer treatment, she is unable to do so.