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British woman deported after using passport pages as toilet paper

By Mason White 11:02 AM February 12, 2016
Faye Wilson 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman of the United Kingdom, was furious that her vacation was ruined because she used her passport pages as toilet paper.

Faye Wilson said that her vacation was ruined after officials in Thailand, refused to allow her into the country because she had used her passport pages as toilet paper.

The 27-year-old woman was planning to spend a month in the country before traveling to Australia, where she planned to work for a year.

However, her dream quickly became a nightmare when officials deported her due to the missing passport pages.

Faye of Lake District, said that immigration officials opened her passport and began looking through it. They then asked: “what happened here?”

She was embarrassed to explain that she used some of the already stamped documents as toilet paper.

Faye said that she used the passport eight times in five years, and she did not realize that it would be a problem to rip out some of the pages.

Faye said that she was walking from one bar to another, and when she used a bathroom that had no toilet paper, she improvised and used her passport pages for that purpose.