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Woman charged with attempted murder after cutting off private parts of brother-in-law because he raped her

By Mason White 7:01 PM February 14, 2016
Tied up woman (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A woman was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after allegedly cutting off the manhood of her brother-in-law because he raped her, police in India said.

Sidhi police said that they arrested the woman after she admitted to cutting of the manhood of her brother-in-law because he raped her for several days while her husband was out of town for business.

30-year-old Vimlesh Koul was charged with one count of attempted murder, after her brother-in-law, 22, committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree.

The woman told investigators that when her husband went to work in Nashik, her brother-in-law kept her locked up in the home and raped her despite the fact that her three kids were in the house.

At one point, she managed to use a knife to cut off his manhood. Police rushed over to her home, but they found the brother-in-law hanging from a tree.

Police said that the woman was charged with attempted murder because she showed no remorse.