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Worker gets paid full salary despite not showing up for work for 6 years

By Mason White 7:02 PM February 14, 2016
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A worker who was paid a full salary despite not showing up for six years, has been ordered to a pay a small fine, according to court documents in Spain.

The incident unfolded at the water company in Cadiz, after 69-year-old Joaquin Garcia has been nominated to receive an award for 20 year of loyal service.

When the boss searched for his employee, he learned that Garcia, who worked as an engineer, hasn’t been working for the company for the past six years despite getting paid a full salary.

Garcia was dragged to court, and he was ordered to pay a fine of 27,000 euros ($30,392) despite getting paid 37,000 euros ($41,649) per year for the past six years.

Garcia defended himself by saying that he was a victim of bullying. He claimed that at first, he came to every day only to find that he had no work to do.

He said that they did not report the situation because he was worried that it could lead to an end to his employment.