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Worker sprays breast milk on her colleagues after getting tired of 14-hour meeting

By Mason White 6:57 PM February 14, 2016
Woman spraying breast milk on colleagues 

By: Wayne Morin
A worker in Ukraine, who was angry that her colleagues carried on a meeting for more than 14 hours, decided to end it by spraying breast milk on them, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The video, which went viral on the Internet, shows the woman spraying breast milk at her colleagues for refusing to take a break despite talking for 14 hours.

At the beginning of the video, the woman can be seen arguing with several men while trying to adjust her top. The men kept talking to one another even when the woman exposed her breast to them and became spraying breast milk.

Eventually, the men stopped talking and covered the woman’s chest in order not get more breast milk on their suits. The woman had asked to be given the opportunity to pump out her milk, but was denied, leading to the confrontation.

The video ends with a man grabbing a microphone and announcing that the meeting was over.